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How often should my students use Amplify Close Reading?
How often should my students use Amplify Close Reading?
How often students should use Amplify Close Reading in lesson mode or practice mode.
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How often should my students use Amplify Close Reading? 

Amplify Close Reading is designed for students to work independently as they progress through the units (or "chapters") of The Last Readers. It is flexible and can be incorporated into the curriculum in many different ways. The most popular implementation is to have students work on the program one to three times per week for 20–30 minutes at a time, but some teachers assign it one day a week for 45 minutes, while others assign it every day for 15 minutes. The way you use the program with your students is up to you!

Because students work on the program independently and at their own pace, teachers are free to use this time pulling individuals or small groups of students for personalized instruction, conferences, etc. Or, if the whole class is working on the program independently, you can monitor student progress and provide support for students who raise their hand.

Teachers can easily review student work and incorporate concepts from The Last Readers into their core curriculum instruction. Some teachers choose to create group projects, essays, and other assignments that require students to apply the knowledge of literary and rhetorical devices that they honed in The Last Readers to their core curriculum texts.  

Teachers who use Amplify ELA as their core curriculum can also use documentation in our Teacher Guide for recommendations on how to make connections between their core curriculum texts and the knowledge and skills students build in Amplify Close Reading.

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