Archiving a Class

Easily archive old classes so you can focus on your new classes.

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You can always view the classes you created or which were added through the Classes page in My Account at

To remove a class you created at the start of a new school year from the Classes page (or if it was created by mistake), use the archive option. Archiving a class removes it from the Classes page. Staff and students in the class lose access, but none of your student data is lost. You can always unarchive a class to restore staff and student access immediately.

Classes created by your district or school cannot be archived. If you have a district-created class you believe should be removed, please contact the district or school administrator responsible for enrollment.

To archive a class, click the circle directly to the left of the class name. The Archive button activates. Click Archive.

A window will open asking you to confirm that you want to archive the class. Confirm by clicking Archive again. That’s it!

You can also archive a class from its detail page by clicking the Archive button.

To view your archived classes, click the down arrow to the right of the number of classes on the Class Overview page, and select Archived from the list that opens.

When viewing archived classes, you can reactivate a class by clicking the circle to the left of its name and clicking Unarchive.

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