Pre and Post-Quizzes

Amplify Fractions comes with built-in Pre and Post-Quizzes to help you track how well your students understand the fractions concepts covered by each Set.

Before your students begin the first Lesson, instruct them to take the Pre-quiz by selecting the button at the top of the Set.

Your students will be guided through 15 items similar to those in the Practice modules. 

Once your students have completed a Set, instruct them to take the Post-quiz by selecting the button at the bottom. This button will remain locked until the Pre-quiz is taken.

Your students' performance on the Pre-quiz and Post-quiz will appear in the Reporting screen, at the beginning and end of each Set. To review the Pre and Post-quiz items in detail, select View Answers in the corresponding pop-ups.

Unlimited Practice

Practice acts as an ongoing formative assessment (adaptive sets of problems aligned to each episode), allowing the program to make proficiency and mastery claims.
Assessment items: 

  • are “standardized” but not delivered as a fixed form.

  • provide low inference claims.

  • allow for repeated measures (i.e., students can revisit practice multiple times and their score then updates to reflect current understanding). 


Each item we use is aligned to a specific learning outcome, and thus can be mapped to one or more particular standards. Find out more in the Amplify Fractions' Standards Alignment help article.

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