Back to school 2018 is here! This document will outline the changes you need to be aware of to be successful with the 2018 version of Amplify ELA.

Improved teacher's resources

Download Teacher’s Guides

You can now download the Teacher’s Guide as a PDF file, giving you the ability to print or access this resource offline.

The Teacher’s Guides contain helpful information, including all unit overview documents, complete lesson guides, standards alignment, differentiation strategies, and more.

Updated Unit Guide experience

All unit overview documents (“Unit Guide”) are now easier to find and are located just below the list of sub-units on each unit page. Materials have been grouped into two sections, “Planning for the Unit” and “Teacher References”, and can now be viewed directly on the curriculum website with no need to download each document (though the option to download a PDF is still available).

A Printable Resources section has also been added along the right side of the page for easy download access to common print materials.

Lesson at A Glance

The Lesson At a Glance from the Unit Guide shows you the learning objectives for each lesson.

Reading & Writing Assignments

The Reading and Writing Assignments from the Unit Guide clearly outlines each lesson’s reading and writing exercises for quick reference.

Lesson Standards

The Lesson Standards from the Unit Guide provides a list of the skills and standards addressed in each lesson within the unit.

Larger lesson map

We have improved the design of the lesson map so that students can more easily follow along while the teacher is projecting, even from the back of the room.

New icons in lesson map

New icons have been added to the Lesson Map to help teachers identify close reading activities and teacher-led activities.

Teacher-led activities are now simply marked with a “T”.

For more information, email or call (800) 823-1969.

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