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Information for Edgar Allan Poe Quest Trial Users
Information for Edgar Allan Poe Quest Trial Users
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Thank you so much for trying Amplify ELA. This Getting Started Guide will help you gain access to the Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe Quest and help you get comfortable with the program.  Please note, these instructions are for trial users only.

Let's get you up and running.

  1. Go here to sign up for the Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe Quest.

  2. Sign up with your Google account or create an Amplify account with your email address and a password. Fill in the fields with the requested information and click Next.

3. Tell us what your students call you and your primary role, accept the terms and privacy policy, and click Finish. 

4. You can now check out the Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe Quest or get your students started by creating a class. Since you are new and may be trying the program on your own, we recommend you explore the program first before creating a class. Select Play.

NOTE: this demo does not include Amplify’s Grade Book nor does it support the function to submit work to teacher. If you would like to learn more about these features, contact your local Amplify representative to request demo of licensed product. Also, if you plan on using this demo in the classroom, students should use the same device (laptop, tablet, etc.) throughout their experience to maintain their completed work in the program. 

5. Once you enter the Quest, review the menu items from the Overview tab to get your bearings. 

  • Introduction

  • Structure

  • Assumptions

  • Educational Goals

  • Core Alignments

  • Using the App. 

6. Review the menu items from the Prep tab to understand what is necessary for successful implementation. 

  • Gather and print materials

  • Review vocabulary 

  • Tips for running the Quest

7. Once ready to introduce Quest to students, or if you’re just demoing the Quest on your own, go to the Running the Quest tab. 

8. To get started, you’ll first play the Introduction Animation. 

9. Continue to follow the instructions and prompts. Items with a speech bubble indicates oral instruction to be provided to students.

10. Use the navigation on the left to continue through each chapter.

11. If you're demoing the account on your own or just want to get familiar with the student experience before introducing the Quest to your class, you can get better acquainted with the student account by clicking Student View in the upper right navigation. 

12. Read the introduction, then click on the cover of the notebook to open. Explore on your own by clicking through all the tabs inside your notebook. 

13. Once you're ready to return to the teacher account, select Back to Teacher Guide App, located in the green bar at the bottom of your screen. 

14. Now it’s time to add a Class. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Classes. 

15. Enter your class name and select grade level. 

16. Select the Poe Standalone Edition if not selected and select “Assign Program”

17. Copy Class Code and share with your students. 

18. Instruct your students to visit to sign up and select Student.

19. Students will enter the Class Code you shared with them, then click Next.

20. Students will enter their information in the form to complete registration. 

21. Students will select Join Class to continue. 

22. Students are now in your Class and have access to the Who Killed Edgar Allan Poe Quest

23. To access to the Quest, click on the menu in upper right corner and select Poe Quest.

24. Click Start.

25. A password box will appear. Students must enter password before continuing. This Quest has multiple endings. The Quest defaults to Ending (1) — however, you can switch to any other ending by pressing the numbers on the top right hand of the screen. This can be helpful when you are running multiple endings with multiple classes. When you choose a different ending all the relevant documents change within the main body of the teacher’s guide. Choose an ending and instruct students to enter the corresponding password.

  • For Ending 1, tell students to enter the password “Clue.”

  • For Ending 2, tell students to enter the password “Reaper.”

  • For Ending 3, tell students to enter the password “Ghost.”

26. You and your students can now enjoy this Quest! 

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