First off, thank you so much for bringing Amplify Fractions to your classroom. We are so excited to hear what you and your students think.

Let's get you up and running.

Create your account.

  1. Visit the URL that you were given by Amplify for either a trial or purchased account.

2. Click Sign Up and then click Teacher.

3. You can sign up with your Google account or create an Amplify account with your email address and a password.

4. Fill in the fields with the requested information and click Next.

5. Tell us what your students call you and your primary role, accept the terms and privacy policy, and click Finish.

6. You can now check out Amplify Fractions by clicking on "Play" or creat a class to get your students started.

Create your classes.

After creating your account, you can create your first class so your students can get started and be connected to you. Here are the simple steps to complete that process.

  1. Go to the upper-right corner of the page and click "Classes" in your account menu. 

2. On the Classes page, click Add Class.


3. Enter a name for your class that your students will recognize and click each applicable grade. Then click Create Class.

4. Select Fractions in the list of available programs and then click Assign Program.


5. Finally, you'll see a unique Class Code that your students can use to sign up and join this class.

Note: You'll always be able to view this code by clicking the class name on the Classes page.

Get your students onboard.

We've created a special site with an easy-to-remember address for you and your students to use every day. It's

1. Instruct your students to visit

2. Instruct them to click "Enter class code".

3. Have them type in the Class Code you have given them and click Next.

4. If your school uses Google accounts, have them click Sign up with Google. If not, have your students fill in the fields with the requested information and click Sign up.

5. Have them confirm they are joining the right class and click Join class. If they enter an incorrect Class Code, have them click Try again and re-enter the code.

6. They should see "Fractions" as an option. Clicking the image takes them directly to the application.

After you and your students register for the first time, you can use the Log in button at to enter and use the product going forward.

Have fun and email us at if you have any questions!

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